I’ve got a new attitude



I remember the first time someone implied that I didn’t have a positive attitude. It hit me square in the face. I immediately got defensive…”but, but, but” I said in utter disbelief.  “I’m not a negative person.”

Truth is I wasn’t a negative person but I also wasn’t a positive person.  The phrase “I can’t” was part of my talk more than I would have liked it to be – and this is coming from someone that never quits.

It was humbling but now looking back I can see that there was some growing to be done and having a positive attitude IS priority number one.  Not only will it help me in my sales, it will help me in sharing the good news.

For this motivational Monday I would encourage you to check yourself before you wreck yourself regarding living with a positive outlook on life.  I’m not gonna lie, like all things it takes time but after 4-5 months of making a conscience effort my weight is not the only thing I’m losing.  I’m losing “I can’t” as well.

Troy 3.0 signing off.



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