Avoid Joy Suckers


Have you ever been so excited to share something that when you did the person that was receiving your excitement just sucked every bit of joy you had?

In my experience I’m more dumbfounded than anything, I’m not angry at the person, don’t want to slap them silly, just start to realize that maybe I shouldn’t share my excitement because there are other people who may be having a bad day.  When someone is having a bad day no one wants to be around ‘that guy.’

Psfft! (how do you spell that anyway)  I’m tired of this crap.  Yes mom, I wrote crap and quite frankly will also write that Joy Suckers suck.

A joy sucker is someone that consciously or unconsciously wants you to not be happy.

Joy suckers are everywhere, they may be our spouse, boss, coworker, friend or even pastor.  Discovering who a joy sucker is is not as easy as you may think…for you must be displaying joy for it to even be sucked away.  If you are around joy suckers often, you may not have any joy left for them to suck.

The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is my strength.  If you don’t have joy you are a weak Christian.  Sorry, not my words, just using logical math that if you don’t have something (joy) the result is the opposite (weak is the opposite of strength). 

The joy of the Lord is my strength.  Think about that and now think about how many joyless friends you have.  They may not be joy suckers but they have definitely been beaten down by different parts of life.   If this person claims to be a Christian and you don’t see joy they are weak Christian and should be encouraged.

Think about it, a weak Christian can’t really fulfill many of what God wants starting with one of the most important things.  Love one another AS YOURSELF.  If you are joyless and don’t love yourself you are breaking a pretty big requirement for your faith.

So what do you do after you discover that you are working with a joy sucker?  Well my advice would be to find another job but that isn’t really possible for everyone so do your best to avoid that person.

Gasp?  Did he just write avoid people?  But as Christians we are to love everyone.

Yeah, I know there are some that are thinking that but hear me out.  As a Christian the Joy of the Lord is our strength.  If you are being beat down on a daily basis by your coworker’s demeanor, talk or overall attitude it may be time to quit your job.  Better to look for another job as a strong Christian then work at a job as a weak Christian.  Do you really want to be a non-fruit producing Christian?

What if your spouse is a joy sucker?  Hmmm, this is a tough one because we aren’t to divorce our spouse.  Did you hear me church?  WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO DIVORCE OUR SPOUSE.

So what do you do?  Eventually your spouse will have sucked every bit of joy from you and you can’t really avoid them so what should you do?

Well, prayer works.  Like holy ghost spirit filled prayer where you dig deep into the goodness of God type prayer.  See, the way to combat a joy sucker is to display more joy.  I advise this for individuals you have a vested interest in, like family members or close friends.  If you enter in to more God time you’ll gain more courage to be overjoyed with every little thing in life.  If a joy sucker can’t suck your joy they typically get frustrated and frustration leads to some sort of action on their part.  So if a family member or spouse is a joy sucker I would sing a joyful song to the Lord daily.  Make them work at sucking your joy, you’ll be surprised at how fast and often God comes through.

If your pastor is a joy sucker (this is very rare) I would leave that church and spend time with other like minded believers elsewhere.

Same as if your friend is a joy sucker; avoid them, put them in the acquaintance bucket.

Growing up as a dreamer there have been many, many joy suckers in my life.  My dreams were ridiculed and now I’m a 42 year old fighting to improve my positive attitude.  I’m still a weak Christian and lacking the joy of the Lord, but I believe a change is coming.

That’s about it for me tonight.  I don’t know why the Lord wanted me to write this word but it’s definitely for someone that is going to read this blog.  Share your experience in the comment section below of how you have dealt with a joy sucker (please keep names out of it).

And may the joy of the Lord fall upon you this day!


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  1. Wow thats good to who I will keep that in mind next time I meet one

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