A fitting Hawaiian-ish morning

Today is our annual Hawaiian bar-b-q.  There were seven of us originally from the Big Island of Hawaii that moved to Seattle in 1991 and 1992.  Troy, Chris, Steve, Scott, Eric, Forrest and the Bird man, we were an odd bunch but had some great times.

Three years ago, Wilson came to visit with Eric, Chris, Scott, Steve and Me. Just finished our game of hoops. We all played high school ball together.

We haven’t had rain for weeks in Seattle…dare I say months?  Feels like months anyway, but last night the rain and thunder was fierce.  The booms woke me up a couple of times and sure enough Lukie came in to bed with us.  Our dog Keeper was a wreck shaking and whimpering the best way he knew how (he doesn’t have a voice so it’s kinda funny).

This morning (as you can see it’s early) I woke up to get ready for hoops and decided to take Keeper for a walk.  There was a familiar feeling about this morning and I knew what it was once I opened the door.

“I’m back home!” I thought to myself.  The summer heat combined with the wet from a night of rain brought the mugginess that we don’t get in Seattle often but is a common occurrence on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The soaked grass, glistening water beads off the green trees and plants, wow, this morning’s walk brought me back – if only in my mind.

Today is our Hawaiian bar-b-q and how fitting for it to have rained last night to bring back fond memories of my childhood.  I look at muggy different from you perhaps. 🙂

Have a glorious day everyone and may His name be praised.



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