Reading a different kind of Bible today



Today I had some time to sit down and read for an hour a book I started two days ago called The Sales Bible.  I bought it almost a year ago but like a lot of things I didn’t finish things I started.

There is some great great stuff in this book.  A lot of it is positive talk which I’m getting more and more comfortable with.

I like sales and on a path to loving sales.  I couldn’t say that only a few months ago.  I’ve always looked at sales as a necessary evil but as I continue this journey of discovery I realize I’m pretty stink’n good at it so let’s drop the ‘evil’ part shall we? 🙂

What I got out of today was the AHA moment in the book.  Activity, Humor and Attitude.

I’m learning the positive attitude part and definitely have the humor (come on give me a courtesy laugh please) and activity.  Since attitude is 50% of sales it explains why my numbers over the past few years have not reached my expectation.  Setting high goals with lack of positive attitude isn’t a good combo.

Something else I finished today was the first draft of the mission statement of Troy Jonathan Ritchie.  Once I have it completed I’ll be sure to post it here.

Enjoy your day folks.


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