A surprising Ritalin side effect


It’s been a week since I’ve been on Ritalin and today was the first time I’ve received my paycheck while on the medication.  I’ve felt the side effects of loss of appetite and even had tunnel vision on Saturday morning after an hour and half of hoops but this side effect I didn’t see coming.

Normally when receiving my paycheck I become invincible, it’s a natural high that gives me a sense of confidence, almost as if I can spend, spend, spend.  This fool’s gold as I like to call it has gotten me into more trouble that I would like to admit but today was different.

I knew today was payday and this morning I stuck to my routine.  There was no feeling of accomplishment for my hard work that needed to be justified with a purchase.  It was just another day.  I drove by Big 5 knowing that Colt could use some slippers but I didn’t even think of stopping and purchasing some.  In the past, I would have justified it and purchased it even though it’s a want not a need.

Tonight we had our Pizza and Movie night and we used our free Papa John’s online coupon.  No money spent on dinner.  Typically on pay day I like to ‘reward’ the family by eating out.

It’s a surreal feeling, this calmness and control that I can’t remember having in my life. Getting out of debt will become a reality with this kind of discipline.

Well, busy day ahead tomorrow so I’m going to hit the sack.  Enjoy your night and attack the day first thing tomorrow morning!


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