Dear Gay guy God loves,


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called Pride Night with the Seattle Storm.  I thought it was funny that the first time I go to an WNBA game with my young children it’s on pride night.  I thought my gay friends would chuckle thinking ‘serves you right’ and my Christian friends would chuckle thinking ‘what happened?’

I didn’t make fun of anyone, didn’t call anyone out, just told a story of my night.  Harmless right?  Well, apparently not. 🙂

One of the comments I received was from someone that wanted to remain Anonymous, however he finished his rant with – Gay guy God loves, but for this blog we’ll call him Anonymous.

For those that don’t know, my policy as a blogger is to not respond to comments.  A good friend of mine, Jason Deuman, advised years ago either respond to all comments that ask questions or respond to no one but bottom line: Stay Consistent.  Based on that advice I have chosen to not respond to comments in the comments thread.

I’ll let you read his comment here.


Personally, I think these are rhetorical questions, I don’t think he wants to know my answer – just wanted to make a point, but there may be other readers that may be curious to know what I think so I’ll oblige and respond to some of his questions.

His first question was about having a conversation with my 10, 8, 6 and 3 year old that …geez…I don’t know what this guy is saying actually.  I think it’s something along the lines of being gay is the same as everything else.

The reason the Seattle Storm has Pride Night is because we are in the midst of a cultural shift in how the world views same sex partnership.  There will come a day when I explain to my sheltered children the difference between males and females and how we work together in producing children.  Since the media in this over-sexed world talks about it non stop the subject of same sex will come up and the conversation will be had with my kids.  Hopefully when they are a little older.

This brings up another thought that someone else commented on regarding sexual activity and a gay lifestyle, and I’m incorrect to assume they are sexually promiscuous.  Well, I believe any and all sex outside of marriage is being sexually promiscuous and after conversations with friends and watching movies like ‘MILK’ I’m under the impression that same sex lifestyle has a healthy appetite for sex, especially man-on-man relationships.  I have more on this but would like to save that for another blog.

Now we get to the personal attack, which I didn’t appreciate, but like Anonymous says “I’m a big boy, I can take it.”

He says: I honestly pray to God that one of your children will turn out to be gay so that you’ll have to get off your Christian high horse and man up and be a real example of a Christian for them. You seem to think that because you are straight and a follower of God that you should be more entitled to life.


Anonymous is cursing my children and for what I don’t know.  If my children had attractions for the same sex I would treat it like any other attraction.   I will teach them self-control and implement the fear factor that NOTHING good comes from premarital sex.  My wife and I were married as virgins and there is no thought that my kids would not do the same.

At an early age I instruct my children on a lot of things.  I tell them to wear a seat belt when driving.  I tell them that eating too much dessert will make them fat and they should not be fat.  I have them play team sports to learn about working as a group for the greater good of the team.  This below the belt shot by Anonymous shows that in his mind it’s not a debate he just wants to throw stones.

He repeats the phrase ‘you seem to think’ and I would like to confirm that yes, I seem to think based on my Christian upbringing from my dad who was a Pastor, who was raised by his dad, a bible believing Christian as well, and so it continues with my children.

As far as my high horse, I don’t have a Christian ‘high horse’ in fact I wrote a blog called “I’m not a Good dad” because there is so much God has to change in my life and heart.  I need to be better at being a Christian example to not only my kids but to my wife, parents, in-laws, friends, coworkers, etc.

Although I’m a big Richard Sherman fan, I don’t think I’m better at life then you or anyone else on this planet.  My motto is:  There is no one greater than me and I am greater than no one. 

Anonymous next asks me 14 questions, 12 of which are bible related and then he says ‘leave God and the bible out of this, you’re a big boy that can think for yourself.’

Hmmmm, OK, so I can’t use the bible to answer bible questions…lol…that’s a tough one but I’ll give it a shot.

[non bible/God response] I don’t have a problem with those that are gay.  Let me repeat and offer any discussion to anyone: I don’t have a problem with those that are gay.  I treat those that are gay the same way I treat those that are not.  (Granted I don’t believe in gay or straight but that’s beside the point, all are treated the same).

[bible/God response] In my mind there is no ‘sin’ for those that don’t claim to follow God for what good is it to stop the whatever ‘sin’ they are doing and not establish a relationship with Jesus Christ?  Meaningless.  Their path to the after-life still separates them from God for all of eternity.  Jesus didn’t say ‘stop [insert sin]’ he said ‘sin no more and follow me.’  The recipient either followed Him or didn’t.  If you claim to be a Christian then I can judge you based on your fruits.  Just like I can judge someone that claims to be a Seahawk fan on what they say and what they wear.  If two people set the boundaries of their life they can hold each other accountable.  The boundaries have been set by the bible, the boundaries have been fulfilled by Jesus’ death on the cross. So if you claim to follow the bible, I can judge.

Will I have a gay couple over for dinner with the family?  No.  Not because I judge them but because I’m not ready to have a discussion with my kids regarding any type of sexuality.  I’m consistent in this as a good Christian guy friend of mine moved in to live with his girlfriend prior to their marriage and although they weren’t having sex, I didn’t have them over.  In that example I was judging them based on what I find in scripture as living a pure lifestyle.  They are now married, have beautiful children together and come over often.

Anonymous gets to equality.  It’s impossible to answer this without using the bible or God because he specifically states:  The bible is full of many things that needed to be changed overtime so that people could be happy and equal.

Here’s my bible/God response:  What I really love about Jesus is the fact that he didn’t incite any type of protest.  Here were the Jews thinking their messiah would come and open up a can of whup @$$ on the Romans and this messiah claiming son of a carpenter says what??? ‘Love one another?’

“But Jesus, but Jesus, but Jesus?” The whimpering came.

“What about me?  What about my rights?”  The whining continued.

Jesus response:  Slaves serve their master.

The King of Kings even called a woman a dog as she begged at his feet.  Don’t like this? Sorry, that was the culture.  Women were considered a lower class and Jesus came to show the world that it’s not important where you are on the society totem pole because life on this earth is temporary. What is eternal is your soul and spending it with God the father.   Happiness and equality has NEVER been promised by God.  This is a man made thought that stems from within.  Jesus came to show us that true leadership and love is serving others, not ourselves.

For those that try to take me out of context, don’t bother.  Jesus loved woman the same as men and had a strong connection with many, all are equal in His eyes. 

The last question (dang this is a long blog) is about gay marriage.

  • Why should gay marriage be anything different
  • Give me one reason or excuse as to how gay people being able to marry each other will directly effect you?

First response:  Marriage has always been between two different genders.  Men and women.  Nowhere in history has same sex been a ‘marriage’ debate.  Only recently has it even been talked about among different countries.  It is still very controversial.  Why is this?  Because it’s always been boy meets girl.  History, Evolution and Religion do not support a same sex lifestyle the same as boy meets girl.  What is going on today is a revolution of sorts…a changing of how people view same sex relationships.   Half the people still view marriage between men and women.  I fall in this camp.

Second response: If I’m a business owner and I refuse service to folks that want to have a same sex wedding ceremony, some states can throw me in prison.  IN PRISON?  How crazy is that?  In the coming years, torture and even death will come to those that don’t believe same sex is a natural lifestyle.  That effects me head on.

Anonymous ends his rant with sincerely.  I don’t know if that is genuine but really, it’s irrelevant.  God and Jesus love him the same as they love everyone else.  There is no special ‘gay tag’ that allows for special treatment and if Anonymous humbles himself, asks Jesus into his heart and becomes born again, we will talk about this someday in heaven.

Until then, live safe Anonymous and continue to read my blog about my journey’s in life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

I’m out.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Kris says:

    Since I am the one who address the statement of promiscuity, let me say a few things:

    1) I feel you are misusing the word promiscuous. The definition of the word promiscuous is:

    1) (of a person) Having many sexual relationships, esp. transient ones.
    2) (of sexual behavior or a society) Characterized by such relationships.

    2) Same sex attractions do not automatically create more of a sexual appetite in a person than heterosexual attractions do. Some people have very strong sexual drives and some people have more moderate or even no sexual drive. Some of those people are straight, some are gay, some are bi-sexual. Attraction does not = action.

    3) Promiscuity is tremendously prevalent among straight people as well. More and more the statistics are showing that young straight couples are choosing not to marry at all, or to delay marriage for a considerably longer period of time than in previous years.

    4) It is not fair to say that gay people having sex outside of marriage makes them promiscuous because in the same breath, you want to deny them the ability to get married. In and of itself, that sets them up for complete failure by your definition.

    5) In terms of how we view marriage in today’s society, yes, the same sex marriage debate is a new one. But marriage as an institution and a union has changed or evolved many times over the course of history, and in fact has not always been between opposite genders. There are many societies in which same-gender unions were peformed.

    For example:

    – In Ancient Syria there were prayers written and spoken to bless same-sex love.

    – Liturgical documents have been discovered that suggest that during the 10th and 11th century there were ceremonies performed that were called “Office of the Same Sex Union” and later (late 11th century, early 12th century) called “Order for Uniting Two Men”.

    – During the Ming Dynasty in China, men and women would bind themselves to other men and women with elaborate ceremonies.

    – History records that the early Romans performed same-sex unions. Nero was one such person who entered into one.

    – Early Native Americans had a rite which spiritually bound either two men or two women together in a relationship that was considered to be equal to that of a marriage.

    I present these examples, not with the intent of changing your mind – I realize and respect that you will hold just as firmly to your convictions, as I will to mine – nor do I require a response, my commentary is simply to demonstrate that the desire for and debate over same-sex unions is not by any means a modern invention, it has simply changed in it’s expression over time as have opposite sex unions.

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