My back attack


I’m back, ironically enough, my back has kept me out of commission for the past week on writing my blog.

Last Wednesday morning at 12:12 am I was awaken with a sharp pain.  A pain so great it paralyzed the lower part of my body.

My screams woke Lindsay up and we were both perplexed at what to do.  Screaming like a little girl isn’t in my DNA…or so I thought.  I laid on the edge of the bed stuck between getting off the bed and laying back in the bed.

Around 1:00 am I finally made my way to the floor.  I slept on the floor the rest of the night.

After work on Wednesday, the family traveled to Conconully, WA for a 4th of July celebration and fishing.  I slept most of the days and came out to visit in the late afternoon.  Horrible time of my life.

My back is getting better now, the healing will continue and there is no need for an MRI.

I’ll be catching up on some blogging.  Especially with tomorrow’s “Jesus would go to Walmart” blog.

Pray for me!


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  1. I wondered what was up. You usually let everyone know you’re taking a break. I thought you were busy camping. Sorry to hear it was back pain. Thankful you’re getting better. Praying. 🙂

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