Doh, my back


Dang, it happen again in the last two weeks.  Threw my back out this time playing hoops.  I stepped to my left while playing defense awkwardly and felt the muscle tighten up.  Wow, this one is a dozy.


Today I had some client visits, rotating in my seat every two minutes to try and ease the pain.  On a scale of 1-10 it was easily a 10.

As I lay in bed tonight waiting for the Motrin PM to kick in I think about my love of playing basketball and the obvious fact that 1) I’m getting old and 2) I can’t play anything BUT full speed on the court.  I’m the guy that irritates other players, I can’t make my shot consistently so I have to ‘out work’ the guys that are bigger, faster and stronger.

I’m not going to lie, the pain this morning caused me to pause and think about retiring from hoops.  Although it’s not today, that time will come, oooooooo the drug is kicking in… 🙂

Nighty night folks!


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