I’m not a good dad

I can be a better dad to Lorelai, Taya, Luke and Cott by following God’s example


I read a Parental Devotional each day and the one I read a few days ago rocked my world.

It talked about God’s relationship with Adam and Eve.  Here is God, creator of Earth and all it’s inhabitants, instructing Adam and Eve to stay away from five trees?  No, just one, one tree in the entire garden.  Everything else was open for their consumption.  Sure enough, Adam and Eve violate God’s instruction and were terrified after their eyes were open.

God is God, He knew the fruit had been consumed but when He was walking through the garden he called out to Adam and Eve.

Man, what a loving God we serve.  If it was me, and I told my kids they could have everything they want except ONE THING.   And then they do the one thing that I ask them not to do??? I would not calmly call out their name.  I would be so angry.

God not only forgave Adam and Eve but he helped make clothes for them because they felt naked.  How do you feel naked when you are the only two people on the planet?  Well, their eyes were now open to right and wrong and they needed the security of clothes.  GOD MADE IT FOR THEM.  Such a fantastic example of a loving father.

As a dad, even in the midst of disobedience, I must call out to my kids, I must be better at loving them so when they are the most scared of daddy, I will embrace them and help them make clothes for comfort.

I marvel at God’s patience with the human race, time and time again we try to do our own thing, we cry that we ‘deserve’ things when we really don’t.

Lord, help me to be more like you each and every day.


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