I have incredible news



There are sometimes that people like me, bible believing, Jesus loving freaks are looked at as hateful and hurtful people.  People that judge harshly without any evaluation of our own personal struggles.

In my opinion we have failed in this perception.  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that a lot of folks like to pull this card without any facts to back it up but all in all it’s still a perception we have to shake.

So how do we change that perception?  We know that the world will hate us so why even worry about this perception in the first place.  My thought on this matter is to follow the example of Jesus as our blueprint.

When Jesus spoke to the broken, he never pointed out a particular sin.  He did on many occasions however, instruct those broken to not sin anymore.  But that’s it, he didn’t say “stop having extramarital  affairs.”  Jesus allowed a process to occur with the individual and their sin.  When someone makes a conscious effort to no longer sin the Holy Spirit will reveal things to them that will bring them to full repentance as they release sin after sin after sin.

Jesus did call out the religious leaders many times but it was their pride and how they used their own agenda as law.  Following this example of Jesus doesn’t mean you and I should be standing in front of churches condemning pastors but perhaps should be involved in calling out proud law makers that are using their own agenda to influence the law.  These are the politicians and judges of our day.

What Jesus did instruct us to do (remember I’m talking to bible believing Jesus loving freaks that will die for Him) is share good news.

So what is good news?  I’m glad you asked.  The good, great, incredible news is there is so much more than this life on earth.  This life with all it’s problems, disasters, broken hearts and more will pass away…60, 70, 80, 90 years??? That’s nothing compared to eternity.

As true Christians “You don’t have to die” should be our montra not calling out every sin in another’s life. For what is sin? If they were to stop ‘sinning’ but not become a follower of Christ what good is it?  The message should be in the good news, something like:  “Hey, I know how you can get to Heaven!  Interested?”

Share the good news, share the good news, share the good news that’s my motivational speech for today.

I’m out.



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