I’m done with Arrested Development


I had heard about Arrested Development a few years ago and watched seasons 1-3 non stop.  It was clever, witty and very well written.  The Bluth family would always give me a good laugh.

Netflix purchased the rights for season 4 and I couldn’t wait to watch the crazy family that I had such fond memories of..but I wanted to start with season 1 again and that’s just what I did a couple of weeks ago.

Watching the initial season reminded me why I loved this show so much, then came Ann.  That’s right, I told myself, not even Christians are exempt from the satire of Arrested Development.  Season 2 and Season 3 started to make me feel uncomfortable, some of the things they were saying didn’t sit well with me.  What’s weird is I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the series.  Then came Season 4.

I made it to episode 5 of Season 4 which was Gob’s Arrested Development and finally had to turn it off.  Gob, who is in his 40’s, was going to break up with his recently turned 18 girlfriend, Ann, the christian evangelical that I mentioned previously.  He broke into her house and turned the light on to see a picture of Jesus which startled him.  He then said, ‘oh, I thought he was real.’  There were some other things said but I was so disgusted that Gob had ‘deflowered’ this Christian girl and done with hearing Ron Howard’s opinion.  I turned it off for good.

Honestly, it had lost it’s luster anyway.  Season 4 is a joke compared to the magic it brought in the first three seasons.  What I noticed is the Christian drive by shots made by Ron Howard in his narration are much more pointed then his racial or gay shots in the script.  Yes, Christians are stupid and naive, we take everything so literal according to Ron.

Well, Mr. Howard guess what?  If you were to actually try and make family or Christian films you would sell more tickets, make more money then trying to disprove our faith with flops like the Da Vinci Code.

Gone are the days of little Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham.   Now you just feed the propaganda machine spewing words that make no sense and show that you don’t do research or have many Christian friends.

I’m done.


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