Happy Birthday to my Peeties!

Lindsay (Peeties) is the good looking one

Catching up on some of my blogs and wanted to post Happy Birthday to my Peeties!  She turned 29 once again, hard to believe that she keeps turning 29 each year.

Some have asked why I call her Peeties so here’s the story.

We were married in 2000 and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon (both the Kauai and the Big Island).  The first thing I figured out is she is not a morning person.  My style is to wake up whistling zippidee-doo-da and hers is, well, not.   Each morning I would wake her up with smile and a song about what we wanted to eat for breakfast.  One morning we went out and got some Wheaties which sparked a nickname that stuck for more than 13 years.

It started as a jingle…

Hey sweetie peetie, you wanna eat some Wheaties?

This irritating jingle was sung throughout the 3 week honeymoon and when she finally slapped me around to stop singing it I started calling her Peeties.

My peeties is one hot mama and yes, she is wearing a shirt…it’s pink!

At first she didn’t like it, but I knew it had grown on her when a couple of years later she said when I buy her the convertible BMW 3 she’s always wanted the license plate will read:  PEETIES.

Happy Birthday Peeties!


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