More TJR: flashbacks

Friday was incredible.  I’m exhausted but it was well worth it.  8:30 am to 8:30 pm at Project Won Studios in Mukilteo, WA recording keys and vocals with Christina.

Christina and I met in 2002 at Northlake Christian Church in Bothell, WA.  She was on rotation for the youth worship team and right away I saw she had a unique anointing when she played and sang.

In 2002 we played some acoustic Christmas concerts and our blend of piano and rhythmic guitar playing was received well.

Christina and me singing at a 2004 Christmas concert. She’s the one with the hat.

2003 arrived and Salt was winding down while my new band TJR: was just ramping up.  Jordan had joined up with Christina and I on some acoustic shows (I’ll never forget the ‘DEER’ trip) but we wanted to break from just an acoustic act so we added drums, electric and bass.

Christina left the band in early 2004 but she was still involved with some of my worship sets.

But would that ‘magic’ return in the studio?  I mean it had been a long time sing I’ve played with her and we hadn’t practiced at all.

Thursday night and early Friday morning she laid down some keyboard parts for a couple of the songs, but we were finally ready for vocals a little after 10:30 am.  The first song was one that I’ve wanted to hear since 2002. So Surreal with just her and a piano. We set it up and recorded her playing and singing at the same time to get the ‘live’ sound (even had a fan in the back ground).

It was incredible.  So Surreal is such a ‘heavy’ song that it needed some passion and she nailed it.

Later in the day we recorded our parts together and didn’t skip a beat.  In our music there are times that we will switch parts in the middle of the song, she would go to melody and I’d jump to harmony or vice-versa.  Christina is the only one that I’ve sung with that had the ability and humility to do that.  When we recorded Refuge it was as if we never stopped singing.  The part came up for the switch and BAM.  More music magic.

Christina is heading home and we have pretty much all the parts we need.  There may be some fill in stuff that we’ll have to take care of miles apart (technology rocks).

I hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed putting it together!



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