Driven by hate, bullies cry fowl



Another wacky story from the world of hate filled agenda driven groups that can’t mind their own business or allow others to run their own business.

I read an article from The AtlanticWire that talked about a homophobic bakery denying the God given right to buy a cake from a baker because of their sexuality.

First off I didn’t know that a bakery could be homophobic and secondly the fact that Colorado law demands that service not be denied based on sexual orientation is just plain wacky.

I would encourage you to read it, basically it states that Stephanie Schmalz and her partner, Jeanine wanted to buy a cake for their wedding.  The business owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack C. Philips refused due to his religious conviction.  An interesting side note is that he would gladly take an order for any gay couple that needed something, just not a wedding cake.

Instead of walking .02 miles to the neighboring bakery called Elegant Bakery, Stephanie and Jeanine set up a master plan to call Masterpiece Cakeshop and order a cake for their dog’s wedding.  Jack, took the order and gave them a quote for the dog wedding and BAM – they got him.  I’m sure they were so thrilled with themselves…they got one of those dirty Xians.

Jack faces a fine and possible jail time for not making a wedding cake for a gay wedding.  So what.  Let the business owner do what the business owner does.  If you don’t like it go on Yelp, blast him and take your business elsewhere.  This driven by hate agenda bullying has got to stop.

The state of WA voted on same sex marriage and the proponents said it wouldn’t affect businesses or churches that disagreed with that lifestyle.  Riiiiight, I see how this is playing out.

I wish the bullies would take their own advice and be tolerant.  I’ll be praying for Jack and this country that we can remain a free thinking society.




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  1. “Driven by hate bullying”. Yes indeed, a bad thing.

    If one business refuses a gay couple a wedding cake, you imagine that is trivial, and easily dealt with. If many businesses refuse service to a gay couple, that becomes a serious problem. It means that gay adults may be driven from their homes and the gay children in that locality grow up in fear. Is that really what you want, you who say you oppose bullying?

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