Chad Johnson got bullied

Chad Johnson got bullied by Judge Kathleen McHugh who didn’t like being ‘shown up.’  When I first heard the news I thought to myself ‘there goes Chad again, he needs to grow up.’  Then I saw the above video and he didn’t do anything disrespectful to this judge.


Watch the video, she commends Chad for choosing such a great lawyer who has done great things for him.  Chad acknowledged the judge and leaned over patting his attorney on the backside as if to imply that the judge was right, he was a good lawyer.

Then the crowd, INCLUDING THE BAILIFFS, starting laughing.  Why?  I don’t know but they were which really irritated the judge.  As she spoke you could tell she was getting more and more angry that people could actually laugh in HER courtroom.

She denied Chad and council the deal and sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 days in jail.  I’m actually surprised at how many people are blasting Chad for what he did.  I’m not offended at all, watch the video and tell me yourself, was this a disrespectful act?  Really?

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  1. curlyqfun says:

    That judge is crazy. I dont think it was meant to be taken the way she thinks. She didn’t like people laughing at her.

  2. melissa weber says:

    This is the same judge who had a hand in being easy on Lindsey Lohan. Hello!

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