Drum tracks are complete


Wow, what a night, er…early morning I had.  On Tuesday night, Jeremy [drums], Allen [bass] and I were at Project Won Studios in Mukilteo, WA from 3pm to 11pm laying drum tracks for four tunes.  On Wednesday we arrived at 8pm and didn’t leave until 3am.  Wowzers, talk about a long time.

The drum parts for the upcoming album For We Wrestle are much more produced than my other projects.  This being my first “solo” release (I put “” in solo because Christina and some of the other team members are a big part of what I’m trying to do) I wanted to make sure the foundation of the music is solid.  Rock and Roll comes easy for me but my foundation is really in southern rock or something with a grove in it so we wanted to incorporate that in some of the songs.

I’ll be honest, when you record songs you’ve been playing live over and over and over again the studio experience isn’t much fun.  Since I don’t perform these songs live I have a freshness for them that I haven’t had in the past.  Next up a blast from the past visit with Jordan and Christina. Haven’t seen them in almost 8 years!!!






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