Holy Cow, I have an ear for drums!!!


It’s actually a beautiful day in Seattle, the sun is out, it’s 73 degrees and I’m in the recording studio until about 11 or 12am.  Today we are recording drum tracks…always my favorite [NOT] but absolutely the most important part of the process.  The drums are the foundation to a house, how solid of a house you want depends on how solid the foundation is.

Our drummer, Jeremy Olson, pastor of Encounter Community Church, is laying down tracks to What a Day at this moment.  What a Day is a hymn that we’ve done as a remake that is turning out to be pretty cool.  Honestly, this was going to be one of my ‘filler’ songs but the groove that Jeremy is putting down is giving it some life I hadn’t expected.

The Engineer and Owner of the studio, Joe Nicholson, was a big Salt the Band fan back in the day and was kind enough to offer his studio to make some music.  Today we are both behind the big board making sure things are exactly where they should be.

Typically, I don’t care to spend so much time with drums but since we don’t have a producer I have to step up and believe it or not, I am.  My mindset has changed and I can hear the differences of fill consistencies and little mistakes that I wouldn’t have been able to pick out in the old days.  Do I dare admit that producing is fun?

More updates to come as we are in the studio for a number of days this month.


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