The Spurs will win the NBA title



What a disappointing seventh game of the Eastern Conference Finals.  I called it though, I said no team would win two games in a row and the Heat would win tonight’s game by 20+ points.  Sure enough the final score was 99-76.

This is the thing about the Heat they are stacked, which is why I love to root against them.  So much so I’m going to root for a (yawn) San Antonio Spur team that puts me and the rest of the country to sleep.

If the Heat come out focused they will sweep the Spurs.  Focused is the key word.  Lebron plays like a flopping spoiled child 30% of the time, this could be problematic for the best player on earth playing against a very good Spurs team.

I’m predicting the cocky Heat will do what they’ve done a lot of this season which is take teams for granted thinking they will win it in the end.  This will give the Spurs the opportunity to not only steal one game but two games and win the close out game on their home court.

My pick is the Spurs win the NBA Championship 4 games to 2.



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