My visit with Eastlake Church



Lindsay and I live in Monroe, WA and commute an hour round trip to our church in Bothell.  With gas prices the way they are we decided to visit a church less then half a mile from our house called Eastlake Community Church.  I went to Northwest Bible College with the branch pastor so there was already some familiarity there.

We entered the church grounds and it had a very modern feel.  The worship time was set at 3 songs, no more, no less and the remaining time was spent watching a video screen of the main church’s pastor in Bothell, Ryan Meeks.

The first part of his sermon, Zombie Faith, was clever in it’s presentation but reminded me of many sermons I’ve heard before.  I wasn’t really ‘dialed-in’ to what he was saying, most of it anyway I’ve heard many times before.

Pastor Ryan then made a comment that caused me to really stop and listen.  He said, “an engineer can’t call himself an engineer until he’s gone through the proper schooling,” wait a minute, what is he saying?  I thought.

He then continued to describe that there were many followers and disciples of Jesus that may not have been Christians.  OK, now I’m really intrigued, this is great, fresh and new stuff I was hearing.

The remaining 40 or so minutes had me thinking about things I hadn’t ever pondered.  I’m a big thought provoking guy and Pastor Ryan was doing just that.  I’ve always been a big fan of commonality in a small group setting, even had an idea for a church called The Agile Church in 2007.  Looks like Eastlake has this formula running effectively.

I’m a little old school when it comes to church and how it should be presented but was pleasantly surprised in my overall experience with Eastlake.  I can see why the Lord is blessing their ministry and with gas prices continuing to soar, I may just visit more often.




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