Gender Bender Day? That’s Wacky

Again, I’m late with my Wacky Wednesday but good night, every single day could be descriptions of how wacky our country has become.

There is a school in Wisconsin that allowed students to have one of their Spirit Week days be “Gender Bender Day.”  (sigh) Really?  The teachers thought this would be a good idea or that because it’s ‘student’ led they should allow it?  That’s just too wacky.

You can find one of the articles at the Huffington Post here:

Or you can google Gender Bender Day and find a variety of sources chiming in.


Our country is confused.  The males of this great nation are weak, we lack strength and the desire to work our butts off to provide for our families.

There is a word called masculine and the opposite word of feminine.  Dressing up differently for ‘harmless fun’ only blurs the line of masculine and feminine.  When they are the farthest thing from each other.

I remember dressing up as a girl (with lipstick even) for our youth group since I lost a bet.  Zane and I had to dress up and we then shot a video standing in our dresses and high heels.  The youth kids loved it, they were hooting and hollering they were laughing and pointing at me.  It was funny.  They were making fun of how strange and wacky it was to see me dressed up as a girl.

My guess is a bunch of students wanted to do something “bold, fresh and memorable” so they put together this idea of cross dressing.  I don’t see it as the same as me making due on a bet to raise money for a cause.




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