Technology Tuesday: Dropbox


It’s been 10 years since I’ve been in the studio and boy have things changed.  One of the things I have to get used to is not having “band-mates” that you spend hours upon hours with writing music.  Now you can have the convenience of going to your computer, clicking the shared file to practice your parts.

We finished up our scratch tracks last night er, early this morning, so technically this still counts as a Technology Tuesday post. 🙂  (It was a long day yesterday).  This Technology Tuesday I’d like to write about Dropbox.

Dropbox has become an assumed technology solution.  I’ve heard it more this year than last where people say they’ll send me a link to their Dropbox folder as opposed to asking if I have a Dropbox account.

Really, Dropbox is just a shared hard drive in the cloud but it’s they’re simplicity that is beating Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive (no facts on this, just my opinion).

Last night we finished For We Wrestle (it rocked), Jesus Still Loves You and Times Like These.  These three songs will go into our Dropbox folder so the musicians that weren’t there can login and practice.  Christina lives in California, I haven’t seen her in 8ish years yet she’ll fly up in a couple of weeks and know all the songs courtesy of Dropbox.

If you don’t have an account I would encourage you to get one today! 


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