No Ordinary Sunday


It’s been three years since I’ve broken my promise.  Three years of planning, plotting and trying to figure out how I can make it up.  It will be a tough one but it will happen.

Lindsay and I got married on Friday, May 26th 2000.  We were one of the many y2k weddings and ours was an event.  My best man and I stayed up late the night before and got up early to finish some mixing on a wedding EP I made for Lindsay.  I was beat, the bags under my eyes were enough to carry our clothes to Hawaii.

When we were married on that day I made my commitment to be faithful, to provide and be the head of this family.  I also made a promise that our 10 year anniversary would be spent in Australia.


Yeah, that hasn’t happened and don’t know when it will happen, even though it will happen. Lindsay married a dreamer, scrapper, never give up kind of guy (to a fault) and in our years of marriage I’ve said things like ‘we’ll do that someday.’  It’s my character and although it’s gotten me into trouble sometimes, it’s a good trait to have.

On Tuesday morning after another poor outing at hoops I was walking out with a buddy who was holding the door open for me waiting and waiting and waiting.  He finally said, ‘come on Ritchie, step it up.’  I hurt but picked up the pace and mutter ‘rough morning.’

He got into his brand new four door F-150 and began to drive off as I was heading to my 1995 Nissan Altima only my ball rolled off my gym bag and started to baby dribble down the Cedar Park parking lot.  Ugh.

As he drove off he joked ‘not a good start to the day Troy.’ Before he was done I shouted back ‘yeah, but it will finish better.’

It will always be better.  Someday, when I’m getting beaten to a pulp from some Christ-hating official, I’ll think of Heaven and all the glories that will come.  Through the pain, hardship and lost dreams of life, it will always be better.

So it goes for the Ritchie Fam. We live our life one day at a time and I try not to make promises I cannot keep and like my 13th year anniversary card reads:  With all my faults I sure know how to pick a wife!

Happy Anniversary Love!  Ain’t nothing better than us.


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