The Song “For We Wrestle” is going to be epic

I do most of my songwriting in the car.  When I’m driving I’ll turn off the radio and only let the sound of the road enter my domain.  The amount of melody lines in my head are so frequent it’s a matter of matching up the best one with the proposed lyrical content.  Bridges in a tune are where it’s most crucial.  It can’t be lame.  Most bridges in Christian music are lame so the challenge is definitely there.

The album is going to be called For We Wrestle.  The title track is one of the more original songs I’ve written.  It’s very transparent and will most likely offend the sinner and saint alike.

For We Wrestle is a conversation between myself and Lucifer.  I know what you are thinking…cheesy.  I sure hope it’s not cheesy although I must admit Carman was a big influence in my early songwriting.  Not for his melody lines but his cocky boldness when it came to lyrical content.  Toby Mac also shares that gift of very clever, bold lyrical content that inspires us to greatness.

I hope this song sets the theme up for the entire album.  Remember, this album is more about closure then comeback.  The idea of touring across the country doesn’t excite me like it used to.  The idea of inspiring others to change how they perceive our relationship with Christ does…hopefully that can be done with sharing of the music instead of the “gig till you make it” mentality.

Like most of the songs, this song was written many years ago and simmered on low without a title until I heard Amanda Thatcher give a speech at her grandmother’s funeral.

She says “For We Wrestle” around the 35 second mark and it sent chills down my spine.  It reminded me how much we have to battle to obtain self control.  Take a peak at this ‘just do it’ world we live in where we steal, kill, destroy and hump anything we want.  It’s disgusting and without the full armor of God we lose.  We become fallen soldiers.

This album has a theme and that theme is to man up and fight.  Fight all the desires of your flesh.  One of the songs, Shadow, shares how a man is constantly fighting the desires of the flesh and just needs to rest in the darkness of God’s shadow.  He cries and sometimes screams out to God asking if He minds if the warrior rests in His shadow.  Definitely a different presentation to The Warrior is a Child by Twila Paris.

Normally we as Christians highlight the light of God, but this album will take you into the darkness of what we deal with on sometimes a daily basis.  The good news: It always ends with the light.  God wins.  Every time.

I’d like for the album cover to represent something like the below.  Obviously I’m not a graphic designer, this image is to just give you an idea of where I’m going with the album.  If you are a graphic designer and want to use your creative gifts to contribute hit me up.


The back of the album will be as white as white can be.  Perhaps even showing elements of a crown.  This symbolizes that if we just hold on, if we just get through this life on earth we will spend an eternity with our true love.  Our only love.

My songwriting now shows my age.  The lyrics to the chorus are:

You took my best friend and you tried to take my dad
If you could you’d add my daughters to your clan
Let me remind you we’ve been sanctified by Him,
The son of God, ha – ha, I bet that makes you mad

Losing my best friend, almost losing my dad and the fear of losing my daughters to the ultimate evil is real for me.  I’ve never been afraid to express myself and emotions, this song and this album does that.

The musical style for this song is all over the place with influences from various era’s and genera’s.  My producer, Douglas Ray should have a good time tweaking this one.

I hope you join me in this journey of finding light through vicious darkness.  For isn’t that why God sent his only son?

Don’t be a fallen soldier, fight till you can’t fight no mo.  For We Wrestle.


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