The USPS driver almost hit me

This morning during my work out, I decided to put my giant phone holster in the cup holder of the treadmill.  I normally don’t do that because I always forget things.

Sure enough, after changing and parking the car in the parking garage a couple of blocks away (the parking garage is between 3rd and 2nd on Union st.  The gym and my office is on 4th ave separated by Union St)  I went to grab by phone holster and it wasn’t there…now where could I have left that…ooooooo that’s right it’s in the gym.

It was 7:43 am and as I was walking up Union St when the light turned red at the 3rd and Union intersection.  I couldn’t continue my journey eastward meaning I had to wait or cross Union St.  Since I had to cross Union St. eventually to get to the gym, why not now?

I stepped into the cross walk heading south on 3rd and after three steps had to stop because I saw a huge company truck heading and turning towards me (west on Union St.) and he wasn’t slowing down.

As the truck crossed the cross walk I did my ‘what the heck’ raising of the hands to indicate I have the right away.  This is where it gets interesting.  The driver slammed on his brakes and his company vehicle was now stopped in the middle of the crosswalk.  This is where I see.


The truck had stopped only a second and then started again.  Perplexed I looked down Union St at the truck and saw the driver’s reflection in the mirror saying something to me and giving me a hand gesture.


Doesn’t he know he represents a brand?

Doesn’t he know some of us write blogs and have access to Twitter and Facebook?

Another thing to take note at 7:43 am the driver turned across 3rd Ave when I believe you are not allowed to do that between the hours of 6-9 am because of the pedestrian traffic.

So why is it that people feel if they’ve been disrespected by a shoulder shrug of ‘hey, what are you doing?’ that they can bark back disregarding the brand they represent?

Are people looking for a fight?  Are they waiting for conflict so they can unload their wrath.  Sometimes we do this as Christians, look for a fight, a chance to jump all over someone forgetting that we represent Brand X.

Bottom line if I didn’t take off my phone holster to put in the cup holder while I was working out I would have never forgotten it and not crossed Union St.  My forgetfulness puts my guardian angel on full alert sometimes.

Boo to the USPS driver and yay to God for protecting me.


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  1. You have used up one of your nine lives. Eight and counting…..

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