What If my blog was reported?



I was reading another WordPress blog when I noticed that you can report content.  We talk about free speech as law but it is not free speech when you are using someone else’s platform that has rules of what you can and cannot write or talk about.

With the rise of anti-Christ feelings in this country it’s only a matter of time before Google, Facebook and I guess now WordPress put restrictions on content provided by those that believe.

So this What If Wednesday I’d like to ponder: What If my blog was reported and shut down? 

Yeah, I know it’s Thursday.  I started the blog late last night and am now finishing it.  It’s been that kind of two weeks and the busyness is only just beginning.

For those Jesus people, be strategic in how you present your thoughts.  Always, always and always I think we should provoke thought over debate and in that  be more careful then ever to prevent getting shut down during this time.  I write ‘during this time’ because a time is coming where strategery (I love W.) won’t matter.  They will shut you down.

For things that we don’t believe in or support, we need to be smarter and not just quote scripture. A good example would be why I don’t drink. I will never utilize scripture to present my stance on abstaining from alcohol.  There are enough stats out there to use regarding the destruction of families and lives that ‘bible talk’ isn’t necessary.

How about those that blast Homosexuality.  Not necessary to point out HOMOsexuality – go after sexuality and the dangers of engaging in multiple partner premarital sex.  You don’t need the Bible for this and you certainly don’t need to say homosexuality will send you to hell.  Jesus said ‘repent and follow me.’  He didn’t point out the sin.  If you have to point out the sin to the person you are reaching out to, they are not ready to repent from that sin.

Attacking all of sexuality will put you in the ‘such a prude’ category but will keep you out of the hateful bigot category even though you were never a hateful bigot to begin with.

Thinking strategically should prompt you to make a way where you don’t rely on a Facebook or WordPress for your content.  Promotion sure,  but your content should be on your own site, probably with your own server.

The day is coming where the bulls-eye will be on those that follow Christ.  Establishments will have the ability with social media access to deny giving you service because you fit the profile based on something you may have said.  Based on your content.  This is separate from the tribulation in my opinion.  Prepare yourself now.

I can’t wait to be reported.  I can’t wait to suffer for Christ.  I can’t wait to help start the Jesus revolution but let’s be smart and strategic about it for now so we force the hand of those that want to harm us.  It will show their evil intent.



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