Never Ever Give Up



This morning I was beat.  I had a little bit of a cold Monday night and skipped out of basketball Tuesday morning.  I played on Wednesday night but after getting whiplash from another player I was sooooore.

Yesterday sucked actually. I spilled 12 oz of water on my laptop and now it’s broke.  To top it off it is works laptop meaning I have to pay to get it fixed and I don’t have a lot of money.

There are hoops on Thursday morning at 5:45 am and my alarm goes off each morning at 4:49 am.  It went off this morning like every other morning and I dismissed it.  My body hurt. Bad.  My head hurt from the collision last night.  Bad.  My emotions hurt from thinking about the money I would have to spend fixing my laptop. Bad.  Yet I heard a small voice that said ‘go.’

[I count calories. Daily.  People think I’m freakish that way but oh well, I don’t quit.  Playing hoops gives me extra calories so I can eat like a normal human and still lose weight.  I bring this up because it’s an added incentive to play.]

‘Go’ the small voice said again.  ‘I don’t want to’ I thought back, still sulking from the broken laptop.  ‘You need to’ rang in my head loud and clear.

I popped up out of bed grimacing from the pain in my body and got dressed.  After I was dressed I packed up my broken laptop and was on the road at 5:15 am.

When I arrived at the gym there were exactly 20 people there.  Meaning I had to play and play right away.  I’m usually the shortest or second to the shortest on the court with most of these players having played college ball or could have played college ball.  The high schoolers that show up are in the most pristine shape so I’m either playing against really good youth or really good veterans.

My first game I wasn’t involved with any of the offense.  This happens more than I’d like but it forces me to find other ways to contribute to my team.  Today it was setting screens and boy did I set screens.

Our team was a bunch of misfits this morning. None of us were stellar at what we did but we hung together for an hour and were competitive with every game we played.  We actually won 3 and lost 3 and I was a big part of it.  I didn’t make a lot of shots, didn’t grab a ton of rebounds but my teammates hit their open shots.  Why or how were they open?  My screens.

I weight 167 now.  Almost 30 pounds less than January of this year so when I set a screen and someone comes barreling at me it hurts more than it did in January.  But I stood strong and my guys made their open shots.  They would not have been open if it wasn’t for my screens.

Sometimes I feel that way about work at the jobs I’ve been apart of.  I’ve got a lot of talent but it’s not in scoring.  There is nothing flashy about me and being in sales, “flashy” is in.  So I fight, I scrap, I claw to do anything I can to help the team and I never give up.

I’m not going to get over spiritual here but I am so thankful on this Thankful Thursday that God prompted me to get up and run with the big dogs this morning.  I needed it more than I ever thought I would and when you start your day getting blown up by 250 pounders it makes making cold calls a piece of cake.

A pleasant reminder to attack the day.

I’m out.



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