The Ultimate Coder

I work in the recruiting industry and the one thing I’m going to try and get my kids to do is code.  Coders have one of the more secure jobs out there and there are not enough of them to fill the open jobs.  Salary is higher than others and there is a little bit of the creative involved (depends on where you work that is).

Lines of code has always amazed me.  Letters, symbols, numbers and more make up a visual that allows us to see a webpage.

Here is’s webpage.


That’s what we see, but let’s look at what’s behind the picture.


This is the source code to the above image.  The other day something clicked in me.  God is the ultimate coder.

In Genesis 1:27 we read: So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

I’m not a fan of those that say we are “little gods” but we are made in his image and as the ultimate coder God created a source code called DNA.


DNA is the code that puts our body together to what we see.  The amount of data that can be held in our DNA is impressive as Mr. Barlow’s Blog points out.

This is just another reminder that no matter how advanced we get in our technology God is the originator to everything we see.  If only I had the faith of the atheist, to see all of God’s beauty and yet still be a fool and not believe.

If I had the faith of an atheist I could move mountains.


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  1. I have also had the same thought. I do believe that he loves us and will teach and show us everything he knows if we ask him even his code. I would not say that we are little gods but I would say we’re his children and maybe he’s preparing us for something.

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