The new song is complete


Quite possibly the hardest song I’ve ever written and I’ve written a few.  This song was written as a letter to all the fallen soldiers that I’ve shared the stage with.  Ones that joined me in sharing the gospel but have chosen to walk away from their relationship with the Lord.

How do you say goodbye with love?  I give my insight into how to do this with this song that will be on my upcoming album:  For We Wrestle.

The message is clear.  Come home and Jesus still loves you.

I think of the dad to the Lost Son and how he never went out looking for him.  This is interesting to me because elsewhere in scripture it’s clear that Jesus leaves the 99 to search for the one lost sheep.

This song is from the perspective of staying put and letting the fallen soldier go to their sin.  Paul wrote in I Corinthians 5 about those that are in the church and involved in sexual immorality to hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh,[a][b] so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.

The chorus in the song reads

When you reach that place where you fall on your face
Look to Heaven for no sympathy’s grace
Pick yourself up and when world’s collide
Know that you’ve chosen eternal life

and come home, come home, come home
cuz Jesus still loves you, Jesus still loves you

I firmly believe that these fallen soldiers eventually will come to a realization of what they’ve done. The first line in the chorus gives us the “feeding the pigs in the mud” moment.  When the lost son found himself with the pigs, he thought to himself that as a servent to his dad he would be better off.

The second line in the chorus I really love (when songwriting it’s important to write things you really dig) talks about no sympathy’s grace.  This is God’s grace, he is unapologetic in his tough love but will take anyone back that is willing.  No sympathy yet filled with grace.

Pick yourself up is necessary because it’s shows action after humility has set in.  This is important in repentance.  Action is required when starting the journey home and worlds will absolutely collide.

Fallen soldiers were raised to be representatives of Christ, they were taught by God fearing parents and most likely attented church two to three times a week.  There came a moment when their flesh overtook their spirit and they followed their urges.  Some of their current friends may not even know their past so if they chose to start a journey back to Christ their current friends will try and sway them to not consider leaving their new ‘pack.’

It will be difficult.  I remember hearing the story about Dennis Rodman being told by a minister that Mr. Rodman should come back to serving Christ.  The story goes that Dennis Rodman started to tear up and said “I can’t, I’ve come to far.”  He has still not come home.  It’s very, very hard.

The message then, since it is so hard, is to focus on the promise of eternal life.  Death can not hold you down and just come home.  We will be waiting, anticipating and celebrating the return of the fallen soldier.

I’ll be curious to know how the song is received.


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