I miss the 87-88 Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins Action Portrait

I started playing basketball when I was in the 10th grade.  Yep, never played the game until I was 14 years old.  That is way past the start time of other kids.  Amazing that I can hang with some of the ex collegiate players I play with throughout the week.

Living in Hawaii you kind of pick your professional team by things other than location.  Since I was short and skinny I was drawn to Spud Webb after he won the slam dunk championship.  From there I followed the team he was on, the Atlanta Hawks.

In 1988 I remember watching the Hawks go up against the Boston Celtics.  The Hawks were gritty, they fought hard and it was a team that gave 100% effort.  I miss that team.

The 2013 Atlanta Hawks have now missed 14 field goals playing in game six of the opening round of the playoffs and the Pacers are now up by 13 points.

The Hawks are playing with very little effort.  Josh Smith, Al Horford are both settling for outside jump shots and now have missed 17 shots in a row.  An epic failure on the big stage.


I’m out before I write something I will regret.


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