I was afraid

My parents sheltered me for most of my upbringing as a child.  They didn’t allow me to do things that other kids did.  I can remember hearing my mom on the phone trying to defend their parental strategy.

My dad instilled in me a fear I can only hope to instill in my children.  I was afraid to sin especially anything that had to do with sex.   In today’s world we are talking about sex with children that are much too young.

I went to High School from 1984-1988. My senior year and beyond I had many opportunities to have sex and with the stupid marketing campaign by Nike I was not only fighting my own urges but the pressures of ‘just do it.’

Beautiful girls like this scared me to death. I was afraid.

I’d like to say that my holiness with God gave me the strength to overcome advances with beautiful women but it was my fear.

I was afraid.

I was afraid to get a girl pregnant.

I was afraid to get a disease.

I was afraid to become one with someone that may not be my wife.

I was afraid.

I was so afraid that I put up with the peer pressure from friends and girlfriends that broke up with me when I didn’t put out.

I was so afraid that I put up with the constant teasing from friends.

I was so afraid that I ignored my college friends that used to brag about their ‘old sins.’  Sure felt like they missed that lifestyle.

I’m starting to get angry with how sexually driven our country is.  You could say my love is growing cold.  So many knuckle heads claiming it’s their right to hump anything that moves.  A gay friend saying that he would do Katy Perry because she’s so hot.  Yeah, that’s natural.  Haven’t heard a straight man say he’d do a dude.

Parents I encourage you to be stern in how you raise your children.  Give them every horror story you have heard about the dangers of sex outside of marriage.

On this Thankful Thursday I’m thankful for my parents scaring the [insert exploitative] out of me regarding sex before marriage.  It may have saved my life both physically and emotionally.

When you think of toying with sin, be afraid.  Be very afraid.


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