What if the Bible was outlawed?



Jason Collins comes out of the closet and people want to know what other people think.  That is of course until someone that follows scripture says they don’t think it’s natural…or that it’s an abomination.  That’s when the bullies come out of the woodwork and a fight is on their hands between those that believe and those that don’t.

President Obama and their administration tries to do what they can to prevent things like this so what if through their research they find that the Bible incites most ‘hate speech’ and they declare that it is illegal to posses a bible.  Or What If the Bible was outlawed?

I don’t think this is a far fetched idea.  I’ve heard more times then not the statement ‘we will not tolerate the intolerant.’  Sounds kind of silly I know but there are people that believe if you follow what the bible says and say something about it you are a bigot.

This country was founded on biblical principals.  My liberal friends like to say ‘not true’ but watch an old film.  You can see the influence that the scriptures had on this country.

The bible is the word of God.  If the bible was outlawed I think it would help start a fierce underground movement of true followers of Christ.  This would be temporary and eventually I think our country would come to their senses, but in the meantime – if it was outlawed – I think it would strengthen the church.

Read your bible now and be prepared for more wackiness from the unrepentant.


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  1. No book should be banned regardless of its content, case in point Hitler’s mein kampf is available in print even though everyone knows the Nazi ideology it generated killed millions.

    However in the case of the Bible since it has no basis in reality it should be in the same category as Narnia that being a very cute and sometimes disturbing fairy tale.

    The Bible should not be kept on the same level as evolution and other proven sciences, but it does have a place in modern western literature.

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