Jason Collins is gay. So what.

I’m an Atlanta Hawks fan.  Whew, great win tonight.  Jason Collins played for the Hawks and two years ago he had to man up against Dwight Howard.  The team did well but Jason got schooled as he often does in hoops.  Not a real threat.


This coming out party has some element of courage but I wouldn’t say that was the real reason.  Don’t get me wrong, he went out on a limb for sure, I just don’t think he would have come out on that limb if he was in the prime of his career.

Jason Collins is an older below average player being talked about by multiple sports figures and the President of the United States.  It’s a genius move to get some PR for him and his cause.

What I find interesting is the talk after the announcement.  So there is a below average NBA player that likes other boys??? So what?  The Locker room could get a little awkward but he probably won’t be playing so that’s a non issue.

I’m a Christian, here is what I believe:

Homosexuality doesn’t send you to hell.  If someone doesn’t profess to be a Christian and he/she wants to hook up with the same gender then go do what you need to do.  Just don’t try and say “God says it’s ok” or try and redefine marriage for the first time in history.  That’s when I join the conversation.

But if someone is attracted to the same gender and doesn’t believe in God, how can I come to them and call out their sin?  Jesus never called out someone’s sin.  The only people Jesus called out where the law makers, the pharisees (this is not the “church” – it is equivalent to today’s politicians and judges).

Jesus had it right.  He didn’t waste his time with the unrepentant or the proud.  If someone is proud of their lifestyle how can they come to repentance.  They might ask “repent from what?”  If Jason Collins was my buddy and I was sharing the good news to him, I would follow Christ’s example and tell of what can come of eternal life.  If Jason was interested and wanted to know what it would take to receive eternal life I would share the process of being born again, repenting from all of the sins that God will reveal through his scripture.

That’s when the true covenant is established.  Just like when I married my wife, I couldn’t do things that I used to do because of my relationship with her.  When you establish a covenant with Christ, you stop doing things that you used to do because of your relationship with Him.

Jason Collins, enjoy your time on life if that is what you want.  But know this, this time will pass away, like the wind, and compared to eternity it is nothing.  To ensure eternal life you must come to Christ and believe, humble yourself and repent of your sins.


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