What If that Elevator I was stuck in dropped?

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m pretty much in your face about how I don’t fear death.  Well, today I got stuck in a 5×5 box five stories up and although I don’t fear death I sure was scared of free falling from a broken elevator.

Which brings me to this week’s What If Wednedsay.  What if the Elevator I was stuck in started to drop?

This is the elevator I was stuck in after lunch

I entered the elevator like I always do after lunch and pressed the fourth floor button.  We have a cool older building as you can see from the old school crank in the elevator.  This was routine so I wasn’t really paying attention when we came to a slamming halt.

BOOM!  The elevator shouted followed by a shake that caused me to stop inputing my calorie count from lunch.  We then shot up to the top floor of the building and stopped.

My pants stayed dry but my foot was shaking so much Thumper would be proud.

The first thing I did was call my boss.  I don’t know why but maybe this happens all the time in this elevator and he might know.  Maybe I wouldn’t plummet five stories to my death.  He didn’t know or recall it ever breaking down like that.

Next up emergency call button (admit it, you have always wanted to press that button) well I did and the lady’s first question was ‘is the elevator stuck again?’  Hmmm, that made me feel a little better.  She assured me that I wouldn’t start free falling…didn’t have to chuckle tho, I mean it is an honest question.

So what if it did start falling, what would I do?  I tweeted my situation and received several responses via facebook.


The best one was by one of my buddies that referenced Popular Mechanics citing a Worst Case Scenario.

And there you have it.  If the elevator started falling I would have lied on the elevator floor flat as to absorb the impact and not die.  Good to know in the event that it happens again.

I do think I’ll be taking the stairs for at least a month, just saying.


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