The entire world will be online by 2020 and other predictions

I read an interesting article today on CNN written by Doug Gross called Google chairman: 6 predictions for our digital future.

Here are the six predictions from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt

1. Online privacy classes will be taught alongside sex education in schools.

2. The rise of the mobile Web means the entire world will be online by 2020.

3. News organizations will find themselves out of the breaking-news business, as it becomes impossible to keep up with the real-time nature of information sources like Twitter.

4. Online “cloud” data storage will continue to emerge as the norm, and that’s going to radically change how we view privacy.

5. As the Web expands, revolutions will begin springing up in nations with oppressive governments “more casually and more often than at any other time in history.”

6. More people will use technology for terror. But a Web presence will make those terrorists easier to find, too.

That’s what I got for this Technology Tuesday, I would suggest reading the article using the above link.  It’s short and worth your time.


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