Introducing Wacky Wednesday

So I’ve failed once again.  Woke up this morning (Thursday) and realized I forgot to blog yesterday.  Things have been so crazy at work and play that I came home from hoops, plopped down to watch SVU while eating my Wings from Pizza Hut and fell asleep.

Sigh.  I’ll get better.

Although it’s Thursday I wanted to introduce something along side of What If Wednesdays and that is Wacky Wednesdays.  This world is going wacky and if you don’t believe me take a look at this article.

Transgender woman banned from Idaho grocery store over restroom use

From the article:  “I’m a female trapped in a man’s body. It’s natural for me to go to the ladies’ room. Getting the no trespassing order for a public restroom was really painful,” she said.

um, you are not a female

Let me get this straight.  A man who thinks he’s a woman wants to pee. So the man who thinks he’s a woman goes into the woman’s bathroom.  And he does this because it feels “natural.”

Well, just because it feels natural to you doesn’t mean it’s natural.  For example it feels natural to me to want to smack you in the face for doing such a stupid thing but that would get me into trouble.  I will however teach my daughters that if a man is in the woman’s bathroom to cry fire (fire works better then ‘help’) and when they are older I will teach them to kick him in the privates.

I just don’t get how wacky we are becoming.  And for the record.  This dude does not look like a lady.


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