A Message to the Bomber, Obama and God


Today innocent people were attacked and died.  I have some messages for…

The Bomber(s)
You are a coward(s) and you do evil in the sight of the Lord.  I have no pity for you or your kind.  Your pact with the devil will unite when you pass into the afterlife and spend an eternity with him.  I’m angry at you and all that you believe in.

President Obama
Now is your chance to unite a country, there is no need to try and uncover the problem for the greater good.  Get angry with us as George W. Bush got angry and do something about it.  You are our leader and we have become a soft country.  It’s time to lead.

Please forgive us for not relying on you as a country.  Please give us one last opportunity to have a spiritual awakening before your return.  Start with our leadership. Have mercy and change his heart so he may call upon you for help.  For you are the only one that can help us.


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