Cold Calling is not dead


Believe it or not, I have a day job.  I’m in the recruiting industry and spend 80% of my time finding new business and the remaining amount recruiting top tier talent.

I cold call and it works.

You have many people try and convince you that cold calling is dead but in my opinion that is a convenient excuse for not closing deals.

My style is this:

1.  Create your target list
This has to be a list of companies that you know will benefit from what you have as a product or service.

2.  Check LinkedIn for contacts on target list
I’m at 1007 LinkedIn connections and it’s growing.  This is vital in establishing some credibility when you make  your cold call.

3.  Send short and sweet intro email
I attended an event in 2010 where the speaker revealed that 70% of the web was utilized on a mobile device.  The intro sales email needs to be short and sweet and please, please, please do not attach collateral.  In your email (two sentences) you want to reference that you came across their profile in LinkedIn (only if you actually did) then ask what time is good for a quick phone call.

4.  Follow up email with cold call
Your call should follow the initial email between 24-36 hours it was sent.  This gives your prospect time to look over the email.  You will most likely get an voice mail so leave a short voice mail referencing your email.

5.  Persistence, persistence, persistence
I heard a stat once that it takes 7 attempts to get one connect.  You should only leave two voice mails and space them out.  Also, two emails max in the time frame that you are trying to get a hold of them (six weeks usually before you back off for 90+ days)

I closed a deal today and uncovered it through prospecting on LinkedIn.  They were part of our target list yet I didn’t know anyone.  Once I found the VP I wanted to talked to I sent my intro email.  Four dials later still not response so I sent an email. On the eight dial I finally ‘caught him.’  He gave me two minutes.  In those two minutes I had to give him a quick value proposition.   He said, send me an email.

The third email was sent out and I followed up with two calls connecting with him on the second call.  We arranged a face to face meeting with some of his team.

The first meeting went well.  Our second meeting was today and we got it done.

For those in sales, this is something you should do with everyone of your target accounts.

Always try and never give up.  The deals will come.


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