What’s your passion?


While on vacation I overheard my kids talking with their cousins about their dad (me) and the one thing I noticed is they know a lot about me.

They see me excercising all the time with P90x so when they talk to their friends “my daddy loves to excersise” can be heard with some frequency.

I play basketball 3 to 4 times a week and Luke will sometimes ask when I leave if I’m going to play basketball.

We have weekly family devotions and I often talk about the goodness of God my kids get it and it leaves a lasting impression.

I love this about kids and I can see that my passions are shaping who they will be as adults.

Let your passion show, not only to your kids but to everyone.  You may inspires someone to embrace their love for something.  Also, to spouses, let your spouse participate in their passion.  Weather it’s hoops or hunting, couponing or knitting, allow for some time that your spouse can get away to play.

If God isn’t your passion, it’s not too late, make him your priority sooner rather than later.


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