Finally home…or are we?

Well the family completed our 18 hour road trip this afternoon arriving in Monroe, WA at 4pm.  It was cold, rainy and gray just what I would expect from the great northwest.  Vegas however wasn’t.



It’s not the weather that has me thinking of moving my family of six to the southwest it’s, well to be honest after hearing Lindsay say “I could live here” two or three times on our trip I was sold.   Which brings me to say something I would have never thought of only a week ago: I’d like to live in the Vegas market.

The Vegas area is 4 hours from Hollywood which for me is the biggest draw.  It’s also 4-5 hours from many places unlike Seattle that is in the corner of the US.  If I were to ever start performing again, Vegas is only a few hours drive to a completely different market, another draw for me.

I’m an alien on this planet.  I know that God has a better place in store for everyone that follows Him so why live in one place while here on Earth?  The one thing I loved about touring in the band days was meeting different people in different parts of the country. Believe it or not Seattle, the rest of the US is not as liberal as you may think…or would like.

It’s a lot of things actually that has me thinking of a life changing move but the one thing I can and will stand by.  I will only do it with minimal risk.  It has to be God inspired and more than just a planting of the seed.  It has to be a no-brainer.

I’m tired, been a long two days and I have to do my P90x still so I’m out!


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