On the Vegas Strip




Well, I did it again.  On vacation and forgot to blog for Monday.  Talk about being a slacker.  I’d like to make up for that by writing two blogs today.

Yesterday the family went to visit the Las Vegas strip.  It was after dinner and family devotions so by the time we started it was 8pm.  Six adults and six kids….Ugh! Is the only word I can think of.

The one thing I did notice was the marketing of your experience in Vegas. It amazes me that the whole idea of Vegas is to do things you wouldn’t normally do because (shhh) no one will know.

Really? No one will know?  How about I will know?

This idea in America of “Just Do It” is going to destroy us from the inside.  It destroys families, relationships, jobs and much more.  I’m on vacation.  It’s very easy to forgot something like a blog but people come to Vegas to take a vacation from their morals and the advertisement encourages it.

I’ve been staying 15 minutes out of Vegas in the City of Henderson where I’ve been so impressed I’m actually thinking of what it would take to move here.  It is so different from the Vegas Strip.  Let’s hope everywhere is.


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