What If you want to marry your brother or sister?


The equal sign.  What does it mean actually?

Our friend from Star Trek explained it like this (see image from his Facebook page).



Pretty much if you believe in redefining marriage to include more than boy meets girl  you believe in what is packaged as “marriage equality.”

OK, I get it.  I disagree with it so I put my own image up.  The image of multiplication since boy meets boy or girl meets girl cannot multiply.



Equality is a noun.  It’s the state of being equal especially in status, rights and opportunities.  Now let’s be honest here, don’t buy into the lie that gays are not offered the same rights as non gays.  Every male in the US has the right to marry a female.  We all have the same rights.  What gays don’t like is that they don’t want to marry someone of the opposite sex so they cry foul.  Gays and supporters of gay marriage are declaring that the status quo just isn’t fair.

As I wrote last week in What if Polygamy was legal you can only pull the “It’s not fair” card so far.  So let’s play the slippery slope game (which is why What If Wednesday’s are so fun).

What if you wanted to marry your brother or sister?

How would the gay community treat you?

Gays can’t call it ‘icky’.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told to get over my disagreement with man on man sex simply because it was icky.  “We are two people in love” I would hear.  “I’ve felt this way my whole life” and more reasons of why my ‘ickyness’ had nothing to do with their love.

If a brother were to fall in love with his sister and marriage equality is passed how can  you deny this union?  They are two people in love, they have felt this way their whole life, how can they be denied marriage?

Gays can’t say it’s a health risk.  Man on man sex is one of the more dangerous activities with grave consequences  Not to be crude but your butt was created and designed for exit only (this is fact, not opinion).

Think I’m a bigot?  Then why does the CDC have a ban on gays giving blood?  When the Aids epidemic came out in the 80’s the CDC saw how it transferred amongst the homosexual community and put a ban on receiving blood from those that have participated in that type of activity.  There is a tremendous amount of pressure coming from gay bullies to lift the band but all these years later the ban still exists.

My point is if being a homosexual male is OK as long as you use the proper precautions, someone that wants to marry their brother or sister could say the same.  “We will take all the precautions necessary to ensure a happy family.”

Obviously this What If Wednesday is a stretch but hopefully it’s enough to provoke thought, at least get gays to understand where I’m coming from.

Just as most people think brothers and sisters shouldn’t marry because of whatever reason, I think that marriage should stay between boy and girl.  Quite frankly, if you aren’t a born again Christian I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home just protect yourself and leave marriage and the history of marriage alone.

Let the onslaught begin.



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  1. “What if you wanted to marry your brother or sister?”

    Go for it. What do I care?

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