The Power of Google


I was chatting with a friend of mine about the influence Google has on the world.  Google is more than an online library; they control content.  This Technology Tuesday I will explore the dangers of Google in a free speech world.

First off take a look at a cool blog from Jeff Bullas at written in 2011 that gives us 50 cool facts about Google.  It’s amazing how much people are logging onto Google.

When I write blogs, I need information and to date Google is the best resource to find that information.  More than Bing or Yahoo, Google gives me the information I need quickly.  I could try and tell you how Google works but I’d rather show you through PPCBLOG’s image here.

How Google Works.

Infographic by the Pay Per Click Blog

Crazy isn’t it?

What’s even more crazy is that Google controls the content they want to display and if you are doing something they don’t like, well, you may get a phone call.  Just look at how they treated Sweden.

Now for something even more crazy.  I’m a Christian.  A real one, truly born-again bible believing Jesus Freak.  Guys like me have to be very careful in the type of things we say since there is a growing group of people that want the Jesus Freaks of the world to be silent.

So what happens when Google jumps on that Jesus Freak bashing band wagon?  They control the content on their site.  Will they display search results that they want to as it relates to the news they want to get out or will they hold true to the algorithm that shows the most popular sites first as it relates to key words.

Last time I checked there is no law that forces Google in how they display the results of a search.  What if someone wanted to search for a specific item that someone may have mentioned about God, Jesus, church, religion, etc. in their blog?  Would a company like Google hide those results or only show the ones they “approve” of if they were anti-Christ?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  About as ridiculous as the thought of our country redefining marriage ten years ago.


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