Thankful for a year of healing for my dad

Here is an update on my dad written by my mom.  On this Thankful Thursday I’m thankful that my dad is still with us.


From my mom:  So, our prayer request for Wayne: He goes in for an echocardiogram tomorrow at 3:00 p.m…. We are praying that it shows remarkable recovery in the areas of the heart that was damaged! The doctors have  told us that the heart can, and does recover in some cases… so, it’s entirely possible–especially with Jesus! In the past, he had always been told that he has no heart issues (?!), and that his heart is “strong”! Yes! We pray that they will say that again!  Thank You, Lord!

A summary of Wayne’s health issues in the past 7 months: Wayne had 2 heart attacks 6 weeks ago–the first at home on Feb. 15th, the second one at the hospital at midnight on Feb 16th. Both MAJOR heart attacks. A stent was placed in the clogged artery during the first attack; a second stent was required because of the second attack, so he has two stents. Dr. says the second attack should not have happened! He re-clotted, which is rare, and was totally NOT expected.

Wayne had been out of the hospital for a month (progressing at a slow rate due to different “issues“), when we went to the ER this past Saturday–he was having chest tightness and slight pain.  He was admitted, as they discovered he was in A-fib. He was in and out of A-fib for a few hours before his heart rhythmn stabilized. So, with this new diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation comes 2 new medications. He was released on Sunday afternoon.

Seven months ago (August), Wayne was rushed to the hospital with a severe gallbladder attack.  His gallbladder had ruptured (into his liver–which the Dr says is a good thing, since it was “contained“!).  His gallbladder was badly infected and inflamed; he also had a bacterial infection in his blood. We later found out that they also found he had a blood clot in the portal vein of his liver. He ended up back in the hospital a little more than a month later, with another severe gallbladder attack.  The surgeon actually told us that he had never seen (in his practice) such a severe gallbladder case.

Since August, Wayne has been waiting for surgery to have his gallbladder removed.  He has been “sick” since then.  He has lost 65+ pounds! (That’s a good thing!)  His surgery has been scheduled and CANCELLED FOUR TIMES!  We were very disappointed  with all the cancellations (cancelled for all kinds of different reasons) since he has not felt well since the first gallbladder attack…but we continued to trust God!

GOD IS GOOD!  The cardiologist tells us that it would NOT have been a good situation to have surgery with his heart condition!  Of course, no one knew he had a heart problem until his heart attack! So, we PRAISE GOD for stopping ALL the scheduled surgeries!  Surgery would have been a very serious situation, and yes, likely even end in death.  IS GOD GOOD!  We KNOW that God saved Wayne’s life a few times (!) in the past 7 months!  Thank You, Lord!

Wayne has been feeling much better since he came home from this last hospital stay, especially in the last few days! He is standing on Isaiah 40:31–“They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength (!), they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint!”

This has been a year of learning to totally put our trust in the Lord!  The words from an old hymn, “Oh, for grace to trust Him MORE” is ever with us.  And as a newer song says…“When I don’t understand, I will choose YOU…I will choose to love You, God”!

Pray with us that Wayne continues to improve, and that the “echo” shows a healed,  STRONG heart!  Again, Thank You, Lord!  And thank YOU ALL, for your prayers and support during this challenging season of our life! We are so ready to have this all behind us.  And we KNOW…Our God is good!


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