One of those weeks

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, it’s the start of another week.  This week has been one to forget for sure.

5a--days of the week

The week started out ok, Sunday is always a good day for me and Monday actually was rock solid.  I spent some real quality time with the Lord on Monday and I thought that the rest of the week would be dandy, or at least the same as other weeks.

Then came Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I play hoops and this Tuesday I woke up a little stiff (went to bed late Monday night).  Even though I wasn’t feeling in tip top shape I still needed to get out there and play.  One excuse can lead to another and eventually you won’t be going at all.  It’s taken me more than four years to finally get some resembelance of my game back so I have to stay focused.

Towards the end of my time playing I took a shot to the face from another player’s head.  The contact happened under my left eye and I immedialty noticed two of my upper back teeth on the left side were loose. The doctor checked me out and there were no broken bones just a splitting head and tooth ache.

Wednesday morning I started to drive to work and realized both headlights were out.  Kind of a creepy to drive with your lights on and yet there is no light coming from your car.

The highbeams worked so I drove from Monroe to downtown Seattle with my highbeams in everyone’s face.  $81 later I had them fixed from our good friends at Firestone in Woodinville.  I ended up playing hoops Wednesday night.  Made 1 out of 18 shot attempts.  Ouch.

Thursday I had a great day at work but my head was still throbbing.  The dentist checked out my teeth but won’t know if they are ‘dead’ for another couple of weeks.  The thought of having dead teeth really isn’t something I’m looking forward to having.  Trusting in the Lord that they are fine.

Since my head still hurt I thought I should call the walk in clinic and sure enough they said “come down as soon as possible.”  My appointment was at 6pm and the doctor said it will be at least a week before the pain goes away.  That was a copay worth of advice that could have been given over the phone.

Friday, no complaints actually, the kids and I had a great time while Lindsay was at work.

Today, Saturday, was an excersized filled day starting with an hour and a half of hoops in the morning and four hours of flag football officiating finished up with some P90x in the early evening.  Head is still throbbing though.  I really need this headache to go away soon!

Best part about this week?  I have something to write about in my blog.  LOL, it took me 30 minutes of sitting here wondering what I would write.  Then walla! Blog is complete.  🙂

Thanks for letting me vent, enjoy your day of rest tomorrow.  I know I will.


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