If Jesus were alive today…

…He would be a Film producer.


Jesus was a story teller.  All throughout scripture when He communicated to large groups of people it was through telling stories or healing the sick (healing of the sick includes those that were free from demon possession).

First off Jesus is alive but why I think Jesus would a film producer is because of how easy it would be to tell one story to millions and millions of people.  I’d like to think that He would coordinate with ways of seeing Him live so He could meet the needs of the less fortunate but I believe the vessel for His message would be film.

For those knuckle heads that think Jesus would rip the church, you are wrong and need to think again.  Jesus went after the law makers of His day.   Jesus saw how they were using the law to their advantages. He saw through their pride and agenda driven ways.  Look at America today, look at how the law makers are dictating law based on their own agenda.  Judges and politicians do what they want, when they want and how they want.  I think Jesus would call them out.

Jesus would be a critically acclaimed movie producer, red carpet and everything.  His entourage would be visible for all to see.  There would be cheering from hundreds and thousands as Jesus entered into a public place.  And there would be times that He would avoid the media and paparazzi the best He could.

Without notice the tide would turn.  The law makers of our day would put up a vicious smear campaign against the Son of God.  Judges and law makers would call out that Jesus be put to death for misusing His platform of film to spew hate.  He would be accused and eventually arrested.  Witness after witness would come and tell lies about Him until he would be put to death.

After the hanging, there would be no big funeral.  The media would ignore any kind of coverage.  Even though this was a man, only weeks ago, that was highlighted on the red carpet.

People from His entourage would be in hiding as lawmakers would try to find them to question their allegiance to the spewer of hate.  Three days later a blog would be written.  I saw Jesus would be the title.  Another blog four or five states away would proclaim that Jesus was alive.  Blog after blog would state that they had seen or talked to someone that had seen Jesus walk again.  It would put the Elvis, Tupac and Biggie ‘alive’ talk to shame.  It would spark a revolution, a revolution that would change how the world viewed God.  Jesus’ entourage would come out of hiding, some would even be arrested and put to death.

If Jesus were alive today?  He is alive today and He is calling for more story tellers to tell a story at their work, in their music and in their film.  Will you answer His call?  Will you tell a story that spreads the good news of Him?  Will you share that He is coming back soon?



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