The Demonic will Rise

I stumbled across the trailer for the new Evil Dead movie coming out in April and was reminded of what I already know to be true.

The Demonic will Rise.


I can’t really point to any defining moment of when God had turned his back on this country but I believe that the will of the people in this land has caused a spiritual shift resulting in the removal of God’s blessing.

We will witness more and more of the Demonic in film, see it in art, hear it in music and feel it in everyday life.

What does this mean for the legit Christian?  Well, I would suggest you start to open your mind to consider the supernatural.  There are so many Christians that I know that don’t believe in the supernatural.  Just because I believe God has turned his back on the country, He has not turned his back on you.  You are a child of God and he will always protect you.  Where you are relevant is to drive out the demons.  All throughout the new testament there are countless examples of the Saints driving out demons.  With God’s blessing over the country it hasn’t been needed, that will change.  My message to you:  Be Prepared for some casting out parties. 

What does this mean for the halfhearted Christian?  You are the most susceptible.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think legions of demons will come out from the ground to consume your soul.  The Devil’s ways of crushing our lives is to craft a clever lie.  If you are not truly born again you will start to believe these lies.  You’ll start to justify behavior because it ‘feels right’ (even though it contradicts the scripture you never read).

If I were you I’d do whatever I could to shock my core to become a wholehearted Christian.  I’d give up TV, Internet, Facebook, Movies, Food whatever was a distraction to being in tune with the Holy Spirit.  My message to you:  Do whatever you can to reconnect with Christ. 

What does this mean for the lost?  There is a fine line between the lost and the demonic.  The demonic have in some way invited an evil presence into their life.  A presence that has infected their bloodstream with a virus that can only be cured through the Holy Spirit.  If you fall in this category, first off thanks for reading my blog, I would suggest you humble yourself, repent from your sins and follow Christ.  Ping me if you want to know how to do this, it would be my pleasure.   My message to you:  Don’t wait, time is short. 

What does this mean for the believer that has tasted the fruit and turned their back on God? Be afraid.  Be very afraid. 


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