Disgusting can be the start of something beautiful

It was January 2013.  I just finished coming off the scale shocked that I had reached the weight that the scale showed me.  I thought back to my dad, in his early 40s and how it went from 200, 215, 225 and more.  This could not and would not happen to me.

When I looked in the mirror it disgusted me.  I had always been too skinny and now I was becoming too fat.  Enough was enough I knew I could make a change and now I was going to do it.

Weight Watchers is a good program but extremely overpriced, I couldn’t justify paying $18 a month with a minimum of 3 months to start.  I found an app called MyFitnessPal and it helps count calories along with tracking your exercise ‘points.’  I’ll be sure to write about the app on one of my Technical Tuesdays. 

The point of this post is to encourage you to get disgusted with things you don’t like in life.  Especially your spiritual walk with Christ.  Think about some of the fattening sin that you are involved in.  You know that all you have to do is start feeding yourself with a healthy heavenly dose of the Holy Spirit but it’s too hard to walk the straight line.  Christians are not into doing things that are hard these days.

When you are disgusted with things you reach a crossroad.  Do you accept how sloppy you’ve become?  Do you avoid mirrors?  Or do you fight off the urges in your life that can cause you to not be healthy.  Let your disgusting feeling spark something in you that causes change.  Be healthy in all things.  The Physical.  The Emotional.  The Spiritual and the Financial.  My debt is disgusting, I’ve made a change.  My sin causes me to feel sorry for myself – NO MORE.

A change is coming and losing 20+ pounds is nothing compared to what God is doing in my life.

I’m out.


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