The Last Sunrise Experience

I’m a film maker.  Although I’m not currently making films, I will.

For this Flashback Friday I want to revisit my brief film career.  🙂

In 2008 I wanted to experience what it would be like to be in a film so I browsed Craig’s List for film makers that needed talent.  I found one that was looking for a lead and it was a full length film so I got permission from the wife and went for it.

My monologue was from Al Pacino’s great scene in The Scent of a Woman, I bombed at first but asked the director if I could do it again.  Apparently I was the best one because I got the part.  Let the adventure begin.

It was a blast.  I learned a ton about putting a film together and realized that in the film making process I would probably be best as a producer not director or even actor.  Putting my story to film and getting everyone involved is how I’ll start.

I’ve posted the trailer for the last sunrise.  I want to warn you, this wasn’t my best performance acting but we were short on time and didn’t do a lot of re shoots.


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