What If I prayed before work lunch meetings

My day job is in sales and I typically email or call clients asking them to join me for a quick cup of coffee or lunch visit near their offices.  Over the past few months I’ve had success by sending an email, then calling with some information I think they will find valuable.  After they share an interest I invite them to lunch and they are accepting.

Today I had a great lunch with a client and when the food arrived I looked at my plate and thought “Lord bless this meal and conversation.”  My prospect didn’t even notice that I had prayed.  But what if the client did?


What if after our small talk and after the food arrived I looked  at the prospect and said the following:

Hey, do you mind if I bless the food?  And while I’m praying is there anything going on with you that I can include in my prayer? 

Would the prospect look like this?


Or would the prospect look like this?


I’ve always believed that religion and politics should stay out of the work place.  Mainly because I don’t want to hear about someone else’s religion or voting thoughts.  I’d rather focus on my tasks – which is always trying to close deals to make more moola.

But what if I did pray that the Lord bless the food and conversation out loud.  Is that really offensive?

Curious to know what you think.


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