“say it: I am good at..”

Monday nights are basketball and prayer night for the family.  Typically I come home and we eat an early dinner followed by hoops in the garage on a six foot fisher price rim.  After 30 or so minutes of basketball we have the kids take a bath then get together for family prayer. 

Tonight Luke was sick and Lorelai had homework so it would be just me and Taya playing hoops.  Prior to going out in the garage I picked up my guitar since (gasp) I have an upcoming show in a month!  (We’ll talk about that in another blog).

With my guitar strapped I came over and interrupted Lorelai doing her homework.  I  had to find out if she could sing the chorus for a song I wrote years ago called Shadow.  The song is in ‘D’ and Lorelai hit the note perfectly.

Do you mind if I hide in the darkness of your shadow
Comfort me with your presence ’til I get a little stronger…

She rocked it, man was I proud.  A few minutes past by and mama warden came by to shoo me away, apparently homework is more important that being a proud daddy.  As I walked away I winked and whispered to Lorelai:  Who needs math when you can sing like that!



I was feeling good, could my 9 year old daughter sing all the girl parts I have in my music.  Dang, that would be incredible. Singing for God with my little girl!  Hopefully I don’t look like Mr. Achey Breaky Heart.

Anyway, Taya was dressed up and ready to play hoops.  This was the first time that the two of us spent some quality time alone with a round ball that shoots into a plastic hoop and boy was it great!

Taya and I spent the full 30 minutes doing productive drills.  She fell a few times touching the six foot rim (jumping drills) but she got up every time to try again.  We worked on pivots, dribbling with both her left and right hand and shooting actual layups.   She was determined and responded well to my coaching.



After basketball and homework the girls showered and we were ready for family prayer. Part of our prayer time is devotions and the devotional this week talked about gifts from God.  I asked the kids what there gifts are and as you can imagine there was only silence.  Looking at Lorelai I said, ‘your gift is singing.’  She smiled.  I then looked at Taya,  ‘your gift is playing sports.’  She was embarrassed.

When I asked them how I knew that, they didn’t know and my response was ‘because you are good at it!’  Duh.  Making  your kids say they are good at something may sound weird but I’m a firm believer in self talk.

‘Lorelai, say your good at singing.’ I said.  She repeated it softly.  ‘Say it louder.’  I encouraged.  ‘I’m good at singing’ she said with more confidence.  I turned to Taya and had her say the same about her playing.  She repeated as well.  By the time we were done Luke joined in, he’s amazing at initiating prayer so we said he’s good at preaching!

Encourage your kids tomorrow to say what they are good at.  It can go a long way.

I’m out.


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